Q: What items can I donate?

A: We accept clean and intact clothing, shoes, and handbags.

Q: Do you charge for pick-up service?

A: No, our pick-up service is free of charge.

Q: Where do my donated items go?

A: We will try our best to rehome your items ethically, and through charity shops or direct donations to those in need.

Q: Can I choose which charity my donation supports?

A: Yes, you can choose which charity you want to support from a list of options provided on our website, or any other one, provided they are registered and accept online donations.

Q: How does my donation contribute to sustainable fashion?

A: By donating your unwanted items, you help reduce textile waste and promote sustainable fashion practices.

Q: How do you determine the fair pricing for donated items?

A: We offer competitive pricing at 50p per kilo of clean and intact clothing, pairs of shoes, and handbags.

Q: Do you accept damaged items?

A: We prefer clean and intact items, but we can still accept good quality branded items that are slightly damaged, however as we would look to mend them at a cost to us we would not include their weight.

Q: How can I schedule a pick-up for my donation?

A: The best way to contact us would be to call, text or send us a WhatsApp on +44 7563 828860.


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